About Our Drums

More wood and less glue means a better tone.
Years ago drums were made from wood. The wood had a particular sound that it imparted to the drum and it was made by an experienced craftsman skilled in producing a musical instrument with a unique personality.


With mass production, drums are now manufactured in the millions using the same process and materials that doom them to essentially sounding the same.


Instead of using solid timbers that impart a unique tone to the drum they are made with thin veneers glued and clamped into a mould with almost as much tone deadening glue as wood.  The artisan drum company has been replaced by the multinational with a massive marketing budget. In an insatiable quest for something new to say, they spend millions to feed us a stream of hyped up product changes which are more about fashion than genuine innovation.


Reinventing the artisan made drum.

Moody Drums hand build drums in a method that guarantees every drum has a unique character.
Each Stave drum shell is made with pieces of wood glued side by side into a circle and then machined to the perfect diameter and thickness.


The construction of the drum shell looks similar to how a Cooper makes a wine barrel. The wood grain runs vertically, up and down the shell. Studies of how sound energy transfers through wood confirm the most efficient transfer of mechanical energy is along the grain, rather than across the grain. We build our drum shells with the direction of the grain running vertically so when the drum head is struck it transfers energy into the drum shell more efficiently and causes it to vibrate or resonate more effectively. Proper shell resonance is essential to a rich, full drum tone.

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